E. Technical Support

H9000 Youtube Tutorials

This playlist includes helpful tutorials for setting up and using your H9000: https://etide.io/H9000Tutorials

Eventide Rackmount Forum

The official Eventide forum for the H9000 and other rackmount processors. New H9000 and Emote releases will be announced here periodically: https://etide.io/rackmount-forum

VSig Forum

Support for VSig and the development of H9000 algorithms using VSig: https://etide.io/vsig-preset-forum

H9000 Official Facebook Group

A group where H9000 users can interface with each other and members of the Eventide team: https://etide.io/FB-H9000

H9000 FAQ

Get answers to frequently asked questions and get the most out of your H9000: https://etide.io/H9000FAQs

Contact Eventide Support

If you need technical assistance or product repair, you can email support@eventide.com to submit a ticket to our support department. Please include a detailed report of your problem including your H9000’s serial number, firmware version, and what version of Emote you are using. Most inquiries are answered within 24-48 business hours. Note, we are closed on weekends.