8.1. MADI

Multichannel Audio Digital Interface expansion card
  • Supports full AES5 compatibility.

  • Sample Rate Clock Sources: H9000 or the selected source.

  • 32 In / 32 Out operation from 44.1kHz to 96kHz.

  • Optical, Coax, or ExpressCard (RME proprietary) connections.


MADI coax requires 75 ohm cables, but is point-to-point only and does not allow daisy-chaining. Thus, it does not require any external termination. Termination is done internally on both transmitter and receiver ends. T-connectors should never be used.

8.1.1. MADI Setup

These options are available in the Setup page for the MADI Expansion Card:

Source Select

Selects which source the MADI card receives audio from: Optical, Coax, or ExpressCard. The MADI card sends audio to Optical, Coax, and ExpressCard simultaneously.

Tx Format

Auto/56, Auto/64, 56 ch, 64 ch.

Lock Status

Indicates whether your selected port is connected or not. If GREEN, your MADI Expansion card is connected to your MADI interface. If RED, your MADI Expansion card is not connected or being detected by your MADI interface. Check your connections.