7. Firmware

7.1. Updating Firmware Using Emote


The firmware update process is the same for H9000 and H9000R units.

To update via the internet, your H9000 must be connected to Emote. This can be via a networked connection using ethernet or Wi-Fi, or a direct ethernet connection to your computer. Do not interrupt the network connection to your H9000 or close Emote during the update process.

Once a connection to Emote has been established:

  • Go to the Devices View (the button labeled 9K in the menu bar) and locate the H9000 Firmware window at the bottom left corner of the page.

  • Click on “Updates” and you will be presented with a list of available firmware updates to choose from.

  • Select a firmware version and click the “Install” button; a pop-up message will confirm that you are updating your H9000’s firmware. The first progress bar will indicate that the firmware update file is being downloaded and sent to the H9000. The second progress bar will indicate that the firmware is being installed on the H9000. This will also be reflected on the front panel.

  • Once the firmware update has been successfully installed, you will be prompted to restart your H9000, which will complete the update process.

  • Please restart Emote after the H9000 has rebooted before attempting to connect to an H9000 that has just been updated.

In the event that you need to downgrade your H9000’s firmware, please contact support@eventide.com and we will provide you with the correct firmware version to install via the offline USB updater.


Please be sure not to interrupt power to your unit during the update process; doing so could damage its internal firmware, and result in putting the unit into an unbootable state. In the event this does occur, refer to Section A.2 Recovery Mode to reinstall the firmware on your H9000. It is advised to save your current session before updating the H9000’s firmware.

7.2. Updating Firmware Without an Internet Connection

Refer to Section A.2 Recovery Mode for information on updating firmware without an internet connection.

7.3. Updating Legacy Firmware

Please refer to https://etide.io/H9000-Legacy-Update if you are updating your H9000 from firmware version 1.3 or below.