5.7. Meters

The H9000 offers an 8-channel set of dedicated three-segment hardware LED meters, positioned above the front panel color display. These LED meters are always active.

The first segment of the hardware LED meter represents signal presence, at any dB level. The second segment, if lit, means the signal is reaching -6 dB, which represents nominal headroom and nominal S/N ratio. The third segment indicates a signal overload, or too much signal presence.

For a more detailed metering view, press the front panel Meters button to switch the color display to the Meters page. The Meters page displays eight channels of metering at a time, and allows you to assign which signal sources are assigned to the display.

5.7.1. Assigning I/O sources to Meters

  • On the main metering page, use the cursor buttons or the wheel to navigate to the metering slot to which you wish to assign an audio input or output.

  • Press the Enter key, or the latching Assign soft key, to make an assignment.

  • You will be presented with a list of every I/O channel; use the cursor up/down buttons or wheel to navigate to the physical input you wish to assign.

  • Press the Enter button to accept your choice The selected input/output is now assigned to the highlighted metering channel, and that channel will now show the assignment above the channel number.

More Meters

Press the latching More Meters soft key; the display changes to show metering data for the currently loaded available FX chains. The More Meters screen also has soft keys for the following functions:

  • Levels: Press this latching soft key to switch to the Levels screen.

    • You are presented with input and output level faders for the currently selected FX chains.

    • Use the cursor buttons to navigate to the input or output fader you wish to adjust, then use the wheel to adjust the highlighted fader.

    • On the levels screen, press the latching Group soft key to group together level faders. When the latching soft key is illuminated, adjusting the level of either group’s fader will adjust the level of all faders in each grouping.

  • Clear Clips: Press this soft key to clear any overload clips that have occurred.

  • I/O Meters: Press the latching I/O Meters soft key to display the I/O meters screen; you will be presented with metering views for the H9000’s banks of physical inputs and outputs, regardless of what custom assignments you have made in the main metering screen.

The I/O meters screen shows which bank of I/O metering you are on in the upper left corner, and which of the 8 pages you are on in the upper-right corner.

On a stock H9000 with no expansion cards installed, the following views are available:

  • Digital Audio In 1-8

  • Analog In 1-8

  • USB In 1-8

  • USB In 9-16

  • Digital Audio Out 1-8

  • Analog Out 1-8

  • USB Out 1-8

  • USB Out 9-16

Use the cursor up/down buttons or wheel to navigate among the eight pages of metering views.


While in the I/O Meters page, you can use the navigation keys to select a meter. If a physical input or output is routed to or from an FX chain, highlight the meter to see which FX chain it is routed to or from. This is indicated by a purple square under the meter and the corresponding label bar at the bottom of the page.