5.3. Sessions


A Session is the “big picture” for the H9000, a snapshot of the current state of all settings on the unit.

To load a session, press the front panel Sessions button; the button will illuminate to indicate that you are currently working with the Sessions view screen.

The screen will switch to the Sessions view, presenting you with a numbered list of sessions available for loading. The presently loaded session is displayed in the title bar at the top of the screen.

There are several different ways to navigate through the list of sessions:

  • Press the cursor up/down buttons or rotate the wheel to scroll through the list one entry at a time.

  • Press the cursor left/right buttons to navigate through the sessions list one page at a time.

  • The session you have currently navigated will highlight in green.

  • Press the Enter button to load the highlighted session.

  • The chosen session will load and you will automatically be taken to the FX Chains screen where you can edit the session’s FX chains.

5.3.1. Session Screen Soft Keys

The eight Sessions view soft keys offer additional session-related functions:


Press the New soft key to create a new session. If you have made changes to the currently loaded session, you will be prompted to save your changes first. You will then see the Create New Session screen. Press the Create New Session soft key (or the Cancel soft key if you change your mind). The new session you have created will be titled “Default Session” and will contain a default FX chain.


Press the Copy soft key to make a copy of the currently highlighted session. The naming screen will appear, allowing you to create a new name for the copy of the session. This is similar to the “Save As” function on a word processor application, where you can save a copy under a different name.


Press the Delete soft key to delete the currently highlighted session in the list. You will be prompted with a confirmation screen; press either the Cancel or OK soft keys. Note that you cannot delete factory sessions.


Press the Rename soft key to rename a currently highlighted session. You will then be presented with the naming screen where you can enter a new name. Note that you cannot rename factory sessions. If you attempt to do so, you will be offered the option of creating a new user session, which you can then rename.


Press the Load soft key to load the currently highlighted session. This soft key duplicates the function of pressing the Enter key when a session is highlighted.


Press the latching Search soft key to bring up the search screen, where you can use the keypad to type a keyword. Sessions containing the letters you type will appear in the filtered list of available sessions.


Press the latching Preview soft key to get a visual representation of the layout of the session, which includes the number of FX chains, the algorithms in each FX chain, and the physical inputs and outputs. Since loading a session is not an immediate operation, the Preview function offers a quick way to see what the session contains before you actually load it.