6.2. H9000R Front Panel

The H9000R front panel has the following controls:

H9000R Front Panel
  1. Power

    Press the latching power button to turn the H9000R on or off.

  2. Power LED

    This LED illuminates when the H9000R is powered on.

  3. Reset Button

    Use this pinhole key in the event you need to perform a failsafe boot (as described in Section A: Startup Sequences).

  4. USB Ports

    The front panel USB ports provide three separate functions:

  5. Network Button

    To the left of the pinhole is the Network Button. The LED in the center of this button will flash while the H9000R is starting up. This button is used to unlock the Network Settings (Section in Emote, and to perform various Startup Sequences (Section A).


After pressing the power button on your H9000R, the Network button’s LED will flash for about two minutes, then be dim for a few seconds, then brighten. Your H9000R will appear in Emote once the Network LED has brightened.