1.2. Features

The H9000 is designed to be easy to use while giving you power, control, and versatility through the implementation of the following features:

Multiple Quad ARM Processors

The H9000 uses multiple cutting-edge effects processors, allowing it to process a large number of I/O channels and up to 16 separate effects algorithms simultaneously.

Flexible and Adaptable Effects Structure

Your H9000 provides up to four FX chains, with each chain containing up to four separate processing algorithms. FX chains can be routed in series, parallel, and more.

Large Complement of Analog and Digital I/O

Multiple formats and connector types allow you to integrate the H9000 into a variety of setups.

Expandable I/O

Three expansion card slots allow you to integrate your H9000 into the latest digital audio and networked environments. We are always developing new expansion cards, ensuring that your processor is as future-proof as possible as digital and networking formats evolve.

Full Front Panel Control

While we offer and recommend the Emote control app, the standard H9000 also provides intuitive front panel control using a large color display, context-sensitive soft keys, and a complement of physical navigation controls.

Network Connectivity

Connect to your H9000 with Emote via either your local area network, or a direct ethernet connection.

Computer Audio Interfacing

USB 2.0 allows you to interface your H9000 with your audio hardware and DAW as a standard audio interface with 16 channels of I/O. Send, process, and return 16 separate channels of individual DAW tracks.

Easy Sharing of FX Chains and Sessions

The H9000 uses FAT32-formatted USB thumb drives to save and import your custom effects settings, making it easy to back up, carry, and share your creative efforts.

Compatibility with VSig3 Editing Software

VSig3 is a cross-platform visual editor that enables the creation of custom algorithms for the H9000. Since VSig3 allows you to view some of Eventide’s “secret sauce”, Vsig3 is only available for H9000 owners, and requires H9000 registration. It is available for download here: https://etide.io/vsig3