9. Safety and WarrantyΒΆ

Safety Information
  • Do not remove any covers or panels from the unit when the power is connected.

  • No operator access to the internals of the unit is permitted; servicing must be performed by qualified personnel only.

  • The unit must not be operated with a damaged or ungrounded power cord.

  • Suitable ventilation must be provided for the unit at all times. In particular, the side vents must not be obstructed. It is best if there is an inch or more clearance between the top of the H9000 and the bottom of the units above and below.

Limited Warranty

The Eventide H9000/H9000R unit covered by this warranty is built to exacting quality standards and should give years of trouble-free service. If you are experiencing problems which are not cleared up in this manual, your recourse is this warranty.

What the Warranty Does and Does Not Cover

Eventide Inc. warrants the above-identified unit to be free from defects in workmanship and material under normal operation and service for a period of one year from the date of purchase, as detailed below.

At our discretion within the warranty period, we may elect to repair or replace the defective unit. This means that if the unit fails under normal operation because of such defect, we will repair the defective unit at no charge for parts or labor. We also assume a limited responsibility for shipping charges, as detailed below.

The warranty does not extend beyond repair or replacement as stated herein and in no event will we be responsible for consequential or incidental damages caused by any defect, and such damages are specifically excluded from this warranty. Our sole obligation is to repair or replace the defective unit as described herein.

The warranty DOES NOT COVER any damage to the unit regardless of the cause of that damage. The unit is a complex piece of equipment that does not react well to being dropped, bounced, crushed, soaked or exposed to excessively high temperatures, voltages, electrostatic or electromagnetic fields.

If the unit is damaged for these or similar causes, and the unit is deemed to be economically repairable, we will repair it and charge our normal rates.

The warranty DOES NOT COVER shipping damage, either to or from Eventide. If you receive a new unit from us in damaged condition, notify the carrier and us; we will arrange to file an insurance claim and either repair or exchange the unit.

If you receive a new unit from a dealer in damaged condition, notify the dealer and the carrier.

If we receive the unit from you with apparent shipping damage, we will notify you and the carrier. In this case, you must arrange to collect on any insurance held by you or your carrier. We will await your instructions as to how to proceed with the unit, but we will charge you for all repairs on damaged units.

Who is Covered Under the Warranty

The warranty applies to the original purchaser of a new unit from Eventide or an Authorized Eventide Dealer. Demo units are also covered by this warranty under slightly different circumstances (see below).

Units that are used, or have been used as part of a rental program, are not covered under any circumstances.

It is your responsibility to prove or to be able to prove that you have purchased the unit under circumstances which activate the warranty. A copy of your purchase invoice is normally necessary and sufficient for this.

If you have any questions about who is an Authorized Eventide Dealer, call us. Units with the serial number plate defaced or removed will not be serviced or covered by this warranty.

When the Warranty Becomes Effective

The one-year warranty period begins on the day the unit is purchased from an Authorized Eventide Dealer or, if the unit is drop-shipped from Eventide, on the day shipped, plus a reasonable allowance for shipping delays. This applies whether or not you return your warranty registration form.

Warranty Information

When we receive a unit, this is how we determine whether it is under warranty:

  1. If the unit was shipped from our factory within the past calendar year, we assume that it is under warranty unless there is evidence to the contrary, such as its having been sold as used or rented, etc.

  2. If the unit was shipped from our factory more than a calendar year ago, we assume it is not under warranty unless:

  • There is a warranty registration form on file showing that it has been purchased within the past year under appropriate conditions.

  • You send a copy of your purchase invoice indicating warranty status along with the unit.

3. If the unit was used as a demo, the warranty runs from the date that it was received by the dealer. The original purchaser gets the unexpired portion of that warranty.

When you send a unit for repair, you should indicate whether or not you believe it to be under warranty. If you do not say the unit is under warranty, we will charge you for the repair and we will not refund unless the charge was caused by an error on our part. If you believe the unit to be under warranty and you do say it is but we disagree, you will not incur any charges until the dispute is resolved.

Reading the above, you can see that it is to your advantage to send in the warranty registration form when you purchase the unit. If we know who you are, we can send you updates and notifications, and advise you of our new products. It will also enable you to receive pre-shipment of certain parts.

Who Performs Warranty Work

The only company authorized to perform work under this warranty is Eventide Inc., Little Ferry, New Jersey. While you are free to give personal authorization to anyone else (or to work on it yourself), we will not honor claims for payment for parts or labor from you or from third parties.

However, we and our dealers do try to be helpful in various ways. Our dealers will assist, usually without charge during the warranty period, in:

  • Determining whether there is a problem requiring return to the factory.

  • Alleviating user error or interconnection problems that may be preventing the unit from operating to its full capability.

We are available for email and telephone consultation if the dealer is unable to assist.

If a part is found to be defective during the warranty period and you wish to replace it yourself, we will normally ship the part immediately at no charge, provided your warranty registration form is on file. We reserve the right to request that the defective part be returned to us.

Shipping Within the 50 United States

You are responsible for getting the unit to our door at no cost to us. We cannot accept collect or COD shipments.

We will return the unit to you prepaid, at our expense, using an expeditious shipping method, normally United Parcel Service. In areas not served by UPS we will ship by US Mail.

If you are in a hurry and want us to use a premium shipping method (such as air express, next day air, etc.), be sure you tell us and agree to pay shipping charges collect. If you specify a method that does not permit collect or COD charges, remit sufficient funds to prepay shipping.

Shipping Outside the 50 United States

If you purchased the unit from a dealer in your country, consult with the dealer before returning the unit.

If you wish to return the unit to us, please note the following:

1. The unit must be prepaid to our door. This means that you are responsible for all shipping charges, including customs brokerage and duties. When a unit is shipped to us it must be cleared through United States Customs by an authorized broker. You must make arrangements for this to be done. Normally, your freight forwarder has a branch in the United States, which can handle this transaction. If you want our assistance, you must notify us before shipping the unit for repair, giving full details of the shipment, and including a minimum of $250.00 in US funds to cover the administrative and brokerage expenses. Any balance will be applied to the repair charges or refunded. If a balance is due to us, we will request a further prepayment.

2. All shipments will be returned to you collect. If this is impossible because of shipping regulations or money is due us, we will request prepayment from you for the appropriate amount.

3. All funds must be in US dollars. Payment may be made by check drawn on any bank in the US, or by telegraphic funds transfer to our bank. If you send US currency, be sure that it is sent by a method you can trace, such as registered mail. If you wish to pay by Letter of Credit, be sure that it affords sufficient time for work to be performed and the L/C negotiated, and that it is free from restrictive conditions and documentation requirements.

4. We reserve the right to substitute freight carriers. Although we will attempt to honor your request for a specific carrier, it is frequently necessary to select a substitute because of difficulties in communication or scheduling.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights, which vary from location to location.